Agua Fresca and Cycling!


If you take one of our in-town fat bike tours you will get the chance to sample some of Puerto Vallarta's best coffee or agua fresca. Most of you are probably familiar with coffee, but I bet that many of you haven't the foggiest idea what an "agua fresca" is. (I know that I didn't.) "Agua fresca" is translated as fresh water. It is a water based drink that is infused with fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, or seeds. It is lighter than juice, delicately sweetened, and alcohol free making it pretty much the perfect drink for a hot, sunny climate. In Canada, the only similar beverage that I have come across is lemonade. Here in Puerto Vallarta the selection of flavours can be daunting. Some of the more common ones are lime, orange, hibiscus, and rice. Yes, rice. It sounds weird, but it is our son's favourite drink. It is called horchata and when it is made well, it has a creamy, sweet, full bodied taste. There are also blends. Interestingly enough, the weirder the blend sounds, the better it seems to taste! One of my favourites is pineapple, mint, celery, and chia seeds. I know. The first time I contemplated that combination I wrinkled up my nose too, but it is now one of my preferred flavours. Believe me there is nothing better than sucking down an agua fresca after riding a bike on a hot day!