Puerto Vallarta Cycling Mexi-Col Challenge Training Camps - Cycling in Paradise! April 6-12 & May 11-17, 2020
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Distances vary between 80 and 135 kilometers each day- Elevation gain 600m up to 2000m.
Your package includes:
1. Transporation to and from the airport.
2. Water,...

Parque Cora: A Graffiti Wonderland
By Carmen Poon
We have lived in a quiet colonia (neighbourhood) called Agua Clara since 2015. Shortly after we got settled, we went out for a walk, wanting to acquaint ourselves with our new environment. Within a few minutes walk of our new abode, we discovered an amazing treasure, Parque Cora.The park had...

The Puerto Vallarta Cycling Advantage.

What do we offer our customers? Here are thirteen (hey, it's not always unlucky!) benefits to renting a bicycle or taking a bike tour with us.

I firmly believe that bicycles are magical machines. They break down barriers and build meaningful connections between people. Let me tell you three bike stories that illustrate the magic that can be created by two wheels, pedals and a human motor.

Have you seen that flashy red Eddy Merckx EMX-3 appearing in our company photos? We think that it is a pretty sweet ride. Pez Cycling News agrees with us and has featured the bike in their Readers' Rigs section of their online magazine. This article includes all the juicy details about how Clarence tricked out and customized his Eddy Merckx...

If you take one of our in-town fat bike tours you will get the chance to sample some of Puerto Vallarta's best coffee or agua fresca. Most of you are probably familiar with coffee, but I bet that many of you haven't the foggiest idea what an "agua fresca" is. (I know that I didn't.) "Agua fresca" is translated as...