Fat Bike Tours

If you have never ridden a Fat Bike - you need to!   These are the PERFECT bike for riding in and around the Puerto Vallarta area. They go everywhere from the mountains to the beach, offering a very smooth ride over rough terrain, like cobbled streets and gravel. It is like riding on a cushion of air! After riding these bikes on the streets of Puerto Vallarta and in a mountain bike race (Clarence), we have both fallen in love with these bikes!

Do not be intimidated by the the big, chunky tires. If you can ride a bicycle, then you can ride this one. Despite their stocky appearance, they are neither sluggish nor slow to ride. In fact, they are very "sure footed" and fun to zip around on.

Our Mirador Fat bike tours are for intermediate/advanced cyclists as they involve lots of climbing! You must be in great physical cycling fitness shape to complete these rides!  

Our Fat Bike Graffiti and Mural Art Tour is for recreational cyclists who want to explore Puerto Vallarta beyond the tourist zone and see some great art on walls! You still must be able to ride a bicycle and are comfortable riding in a bit of traffic.  

We can also do a "custom" fatbike tour for you as well - send us your question and we will gladly help you!