The Best Tacos in PV FATBIKE TOUR


Come ride with me as we ride our Fatbikes to 3 of my personal favorite taco places in PV!  You will eat pork belly, steak, lamb tacos, along with refreshments.  All food and drink included in the price!  We recommend no more than 4 tacos per restaurant lol.   If you still have room for more food, we can stop at an Artisinal Ice Cream shop for dessert!  The route is approximately 12 kilometers in length (approx 7.5 miles) and along the way will get to see authentic Mexican neighborhoods, and some great Mexican mural/graffiti artwork!  The tour starts at Xisco Bikes (near Costco) at 9am.

Approximately 3 hours.

You must be able to ride 12 kilometers comfortably, in good physical condition, and know how to ride a bicycle.

Approx $80USD/$102CAD

1,700.00 MXN